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Over 500 watercraft IN STOCK
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Wilderness Systems: Tarpon 120

Wix Orange Kayak.png
wix orange kayak side.png
Galaxy Tarpon Wix.png


  • ​improved comfort for sit-on-top kayak

  • fast, efficient, straight tracking

  • initial stability and second stability

  • Phase 3  AirPro seating system features cool touch to keep your seat cool. 

  • Dog friendly

  • Large rear storage

  • Front hatch offers dry storage

  • Mesh cover in rear to secure storage

  • Sectioned storage tray

  • User friendly paddle interface

  • MagnaTec magnetic water bottle strap system

  • DryTec removable dry box

  • Sidetrax  accessory rails so you can customize your kayak


  • LENGTH: 12' 3" / 373 CM

  • WIDTH: 31" / 79 CM

  • BOAT WEIGHT: 63 LBS. / 29 KG

  • DECK HEIGHT: 13.75" / 35 CM

  • MAX CAPACITY: 350 LBS. / 159 KG

Tan Tarpon.png
Blue Tarpon Front.png

Wilderness Systems: Outlaw

Yellow side Outlaw.jpg


  • Designed to accommodate small to XL paddlers 

  • Optimized and elevated seating console - frame seat folds and is removable

  • Stow position for seat is useful for transport and storage

  • Large bow and stern tankwells provide ample storage for crates and fishing gear

  • Molded-in trays and cup holders keep important items and refreshments within easy reach

  • Large stern deck surface 

  • Mesh cover with paddle park over front storage area

  • Transducer scupper on hull for fish finders

  • 2 "double-barrel" rod holders

  • Traction pads provide added grip and deaden sound for fishing

  • 3 Solo Mount recesses enable you to easily add mounts & accessory holders (sold separately) without drilling

  • Unique molded-in bow and stern handles

  • Side handles double as gear tracks

  • 35L cooler storage area that can also be used as a seat


  • LENGTH: 11' 6" / 351 CM

  • WIDTH: 35" / 89 CM

  • BOAT WEIGHT: 77 LBS. / 35 KG

  • DECK HEIGHT: 16" / 41 CM

  • MAX CAPACITY: 425 LBS. / 193 KG

Outlaw Green Wix.png
Dapper outlaw.png
Yellow Front.png
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Wilderness Systems:

Blue pungo side.png
Tan Pungo.png
Galaxy Pungo.png
Mango Pungo.png


  • Rigid carry handles make carrying more comfortable.

  • Versatile bungee deck rigging can be adjusted by paddlers to store gear of different sizes.

  • Dashboard features a removable drybox for storage, 2 cupholders for your favorite beverages and a recess designed for the WS Lithium Battery to keep electronics charged. Customize and easily add accessories with SlideTrax™ and open mounting surfaces.

  • Easily adjustable footbrace system for all size of paddlers.

  • Durable padding provides a place to rest your legs for all-day comfort.

  • A fully adjustable seat means a comfortable fit for paddlers of different sizes. Mesh fabric covers honeycomb-vented, ergonomic 3D foam allowing for greater airflow to keep you cool while supporting the lower back.

  • Store extra gear or your water bottle with the bungee cord rigging.

  • Room to keep plenty of gear and valuables safe and dry in the stern of your kayak.

  • The skid plates eases transport and saves the hull of your Pungo while dragging it to the water.


  • LENGTH:12' 2" / 371 CM

  • WIDTH:29" / 74 CM

  • BOAT WEIGHT:49 LBS. / 22 KG

  • COCKPIT LENGTH:57" / 145 CM

  • COCKPIT WIDTH:22" / 56 CM

  • MAX CAPACITY:325 LBS. / 147 KG

Pungo Wix Blue.png
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Wilderness Systems:

palmico galaxy.png
palmico mango.png
palmico red.png
palmico galaxy side.png


  • A signature rounded hull that delivers swift acceleration, helping you paddle longer distances faster, as well as superb maneuverability for easy entry and exit.

  • The Phase 3® AirPro tandem outfitting system offers upgraded adjustability options for more comfort and customization.

  • Converts to solo use with ease for a great day on the water.


  • LENGTH: 13' 6" / 411 CM

  • WIDTH: 31" / 79 CM

  • BOAT WEIGHT: 72 LBS. / 33 KG

  • DECK HEIGHT: 14" / 36 CM

  • COCKPIT LENGTH: 90" / 229 CM

  • COCKPIT WIDTH: 24" / 61 CM

  • MAX CAPACITY: 500 LBS. / 227 KG

Perception Kayaks:


  • Carry Handles Front & rear easy carry handles for easy transport. Handles can also be used to secure your kayak with a lock.

  • Easy to open hinged hatchcover for secure storage access

  • The bulkhead wall provides a compartment in the rear of your kayak for storage. The bulkhead also adds safety flotation for a peace of mind paddling experience.

  • Zone Deluxe padded and adjustable seating system

  • Zone Deluxe thighpads for superior touch point comfort

  • Capture the landscape off the bow or, yes, yourself with our Patent Pending Selfie-Slot. Designed with ledges to hold multiple angles for that Instagram moment.

  • No need to drill holes to mount your favorite aftermarket accessory. The JoyRide is equipped with two circular Solo Mount Recesses. Easy to add & remove for transporting or storing your kayak.

  • Quick access to secured gear of any shape or size with flexible bungee cord lashes.

  • Two-stage convenient drink holders keep your favorite beverage from spilling.


  • LENGTH:10' / 305 CM

  • WIDTH:29.5" / 75 CM

  • BOAT WEIGHT:50 LBS. / 22.67 KG

  • DECK HEIGHT:15.25" / 39 CM

  • COCKPIT LENGTH:51" / 130 CM

  • COCKPIT WIDTH:23" / 58 CM

  • MAX CAPACITY:275 LBS. / 125 KG

Joyride green blue.png
Joyride gross blue.png
Joyride blue side.png
Joyride Blue.png
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