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At The Power Equipment Shop, our experienced sales staff will help you find the right tool for any job. Our showroom is stocked with chainsaws, log splitters, tractors, trimmers, snow blowers, push mowers, zero turn mowers, tractor plows, tow-behind mowers and tillers, brush cutters, pumps, generators, and more!

We will set up your machine while teaching you proper handling and maintenance. Our staff will help you get better performance and longer life for your products.

The Power Shop


Chainsaw Safety

Jim Signs has over 40 years of experience in the field using chainsaws and felling trees. Over the years he has compiled information from the best companies, trainers, and loggers in the industry. 

*Jim teaches classes for different municipalities, utilities, sawmills, fire departments, private companies, and individuals at the store.

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Service Department

We have Ethanol Free Gas

Think before you pump

Ethanol Free Gas
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